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JTSU Campus

Although the SJTU School of Continuing Education is situated in the hyper modern, "state of the art" Fahua Campus, the original Jiao Tong University SCE campus is located in Xuhui District of Shanghai, formerly a largely Catholic area and the site of several esteemed educational institutions.

JTSU Campus

Most of the early Campus buildings were erected in the style of European and American architecture of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The main gate entrance is flanked by two Chinese mythological lions, and has been erected in the traditional Chinese style reflecting the University's earlier status as the "Imperial Polytechnic College".

The approaches to the main gate were via a series of marble bridges, similar to those built at the entrance of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Recent road expansions necessitated the draining and filling of the river and the demolition of the bridges. A recreation of the old gate and bridge can be seen on the east section of the sprawling Jiao Tong University SCE Minhang campus.

The following buildings of note and splendid architecture can still be enjoyed on.
Campus: Medium College building(built in 1898)
First Library building with ornate marble exterior staircase (1919)
The Gymnasium (1925), Administration building (1933), and several lesser buildings erected in the style of the late 1800’s. Most of the current administration and college buildings as well as the student’s dormitories are in more modern architectural styles.
The Jiao Tong University SCE Xu Hui Campus grounds are set in a park-like landscape with a plethora of mature flowering trees, flowering shrubs and verdant lawns, befitting one of the oldest and most respected Chinese universities.


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