Shanghai Jiao Tong University SCE Alumni

It is not surprising that many of Jiao Tong University SCE students have forged solid friendships with one another. Modern life and business waits for no one any many ex-students get posted all over the world eith the sad result of sometimes losing touch with each other.

The Jiao Tong University SCE Alumni association will not only help maintain friendship, Newsletters and e-mails will keep members in touch with each other and disseminate news about their Alma Mater, new developments, courses and important commercial and personal information.

A Linked In profile for our members is available for members to keep in touch, share experiences, and, generally, enrich each other's life.

A Jiao Tong University SCE Newsletter will keep you informed about all matters of interest and importance. Subscribe now!


Many of our students have expressed their satisfaction with the courses they followed. Here is a sampling of some of them. We are confident that you will be happy too.

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Refund Policy Refund Policy Full amount refund before commencement date


Alumni like to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and we will be happy to keep you informed on the latest news, developments, happenings and, maybe celebrations.