Sales Management and Marketing Strategy in China Program

Course Introduction

The selling function is the capstone event for the entire marketing process. All the research, advertising, promotions, and other marketing activities are done for one reason and that is to create an environment where sales can be achieved. What is often misunderstood is how general marketing strategy and sales need to be coordinated for maximum effect. Another weakness many organizations have is not understanding the scientific sales management and selling process that really gets results. The SJTU Sales Management and Marketing Strategy Program was designed to meet this need, and provide real world knowledge and skills that will enable anyone interested in creating a powerful marketing strategy, and creating a successful sales force to be able to do so.

Course Objectives

The SJTU Sales Management and Marketing Strategy Program focuses on the fundamentals of the various marketing functions, how they are coordinated, the essentials of the professional selling process, the newest thinking on managing the sales force, and finally, how all these elements are brought together in the marketing strategy. The course will be very hands on, featuring team projects centered on marketing activities, individual role plays in the professional selling and management component, and a final project centered on each participants individual situation. The emphasis is on real world tested and proven methodologies, not academic theory.


Help inculcate essential theoretical and practical knowledge to business people, students and politicians from all over the world on how to excell in an environment of 5000 years of continuous development and to engender peace and prosperity and cement friendship between the peoples of china and the world and the world with china and level the playing field between foreign business persons and politicians and their Chinese counterparts

Course Outline

  • Week
  • Outline

  • 1

  • An overview of organizations and the marketing function. In depth look at each of the marketing functions, and introduction to concepts of strategy.

  • 2

  • Review lesson 1, followed by introduction to professional selling, B2B & B2C. The selling cycle, and the psychology of sales. Instructor demonstration and role- play in class. Presentation assignment

  • 3

  • Review-Q&A. Student role-plays per assignment. Introduction to Sales Management and the recruiting, training, coaching, and counseling process. Quantitative controlling tools will be introduced.

  • 4

  • Mid term Quiz, (open notes). Comprehensive review followed in depth study of using the controlling tools for analyzing sales performance, coaching, counseling of sales personnel. Case studies.

  • 5

  • Introduction to designing presentations, B2B & B2C. How to use psychology of the selling cycle in group settings, understanding the actors in the organization.

  • 6

  • How it fits into the overall business plan. How the sales manager needs to maximize the assets available and coordinate selling strategies to meet goals set by marketing management.

  • 7

  • Introduction to S&OP (Sales and Operating procedures) The role of sales in driving the operational strategy in the organization in terms of resource allocation, production, and logistics.

  • 8

  • Comprehensive review.
    Final assessment. Class feedback.

Course Assessment

A final course assessment will be taken before certification.


English language ability of IELTS level 5, or TOEFL 55.


Minimum class size is 10 students. If the number cannot be reached, class will be deferred and enrolled students will be advised.

Study time

18:30-21:30 every Wednesday, for 8 sessions

Commencement dates

The course will start on 19 Sept 2018

Tuition fee

Tuition: 6,800 RMB + Enrollment: 300 RMB

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