Jiao Tong University SCE welcomes partners and organizations who wish to co-operate in the organization, development and implementation of courses, seminars and educational programs. With the support of partners who are recognized experts in the field of business education, or organizations and institutions that can offer an interesting course to their target audience, the Jiao Tong University SCE 120+ years of experience in Education can contribute substantially to the success. Contact us for information and/or with your proposal. Or call us on (+86 21) 6064 1043

Candidate Professors and Lecturers

If you are a Professor, Lecturer, or a person with special skills, or if you know such a person who is available to lecture during weekends, evenings and/or daytime, please contact us so your name and CV can be put on file.

Lecturing at Jiao Tong University SCE is a rewarding experience. The awareness that one is passing on one's knowledge and experience to others not only gives more meaning life, the experience is often beneficial to ones' future career prospect, Life long friendships with students and the inevitable networks built up could prove invaluable intangible assets to the individual.

Contact us with your information, feedback and/or names and contact numbers of suitable candidate Lecturers and experts. Or call us on (+86 21) 6064 1043


Many of our students have expressed their satisfaction with the courses they followed. Here is a sampling of some of them. We are confident that you will be happy too.

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Refund Policy Refund Policy Full amount refund before commencement date


Alumni like to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and we will be happy to keep you informed on the latest news, developments, happenings and, maybe celebrations.