Sales Skills Course

Sales Skills Course So what skills are needed to be a successful salesperson? The fact is that techniques and methods of sales are teachable to anyone who has the desire to learn. If there is no desire and dedication to learning or developing these skills, then the selling will be much more difficult and often very stressful. Jiao Tong University offers the possibility to learn and develop the most essential sales skills in a practical and useful course!

Sales Skills course Scope:

The course has been designed for individuals who are aiming to more efficiency and better results in their sales process and who are looking to raise the standards of their sales skills.

Course content:

  • Understanding buying motives
  • Modern influencing and persuading techniques
  • Communicating effectively with e-mails
  • Determining what the prospect views as value
  • Creating a marketing campaign
  • Getting to and convincing the decision maker
  • Driving a wedge between the prospect and the current supplier
  • Establishing metrics to track activities
  • Applying funnel technology in an Excel format to ensure achieving your year-end number
  • Using advanced networking techniques to turn cold calls into warm calls
  • Networking and prospecting
  • Crafting unique value propositions for prospects or clients
  • Discovering the "pain" with consequence questions
  • Neutralizing resistance with refocusing techniques
  • Discussing points of difference when comparing to competitors
  • Negotiation skills: making the first offer, how to respond, how to make and get concessions
  • How to end the negotiation and make them feel as if they won
  • Crafting proposals that focus on value to the prospect or client
  • Maximizing relationships with appropriate and correct entertaining

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