Project Management Course


- Commencement date: Wednesday 14 March. 2018 / 18:30 - 21:30


- Duration: 8 Weeks, Every Wednesday


- Tuition fee: 6,800 RMB


- Registration Fee: 300 RMB


- Certificate: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Certificate





Project Management Course Project management is something we all have to do: some of us professionally, some of us for personal reasons. We manage projects, for instance, when we purchase and install new equipment at our company or when we have our home renovated. At work, projects can become very complex processes with the involvement of tens or hundreds of people, tasks to finish, deadlines to meet, resources to use as efficiently as possible and of course money to spend and spare.

The Project Management course will teach you how to face the challenges of being responsible for the time, resources and financial management of projects. In the relatively short span of eight weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of project types, structures, and supervision, leadership and evaluation tools needed in the context of a project.

More importantly, the course helps you to become your own master, and adopt methods, instruments and style that fit the needs of your own project best. In a practical, active atmosphere, you will learn tools and tricks that top managers use learn from real-life case studies and discuss your own projects with co-learners and the trainer.

At the Project Management course, you will become familiar with:

  • The types and stages of projects
  • Ways to decide if a project is worth doing
  • How to set and measure the outcome of a project
  • How to manage costs and resources, including human resources
  • How to manage your own and the project team's time
  • Project structures and how they are different case-by-case
  • Project communication including forms and reports
  • How to include risks and contingencies in your project plan
  • The way cultural differences influence project management



There are be no lectures on Public Holidays 2017 & 2018. Sometimes the preceding or post holiday weekend may be designated a working weekend by Goverment decree.


National Day Holiday                                      1 Oct. 2017   -     8 Oct. 2017

Christmas Holidays                                        17 Dec. 2017   -   31 Dec. 2017

New Year Holiday                                           1 Jan 2018

Chinese New Year holiday                             15 Feb. 2018  -    21 Feb. 2018

QingMing festival                                            5 Apr. 2018  -     7 Apr. 2018

Labour day Holiday                                        1 May 2018  -     3 May 2018

Dragon Boat festival                                       16 Jun. 2018  -   18 Jun. 2018

National Day Holiday                                       1 Oct. 2018  -     7 Oct. 2018



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