Professional Archive Management Course

Professional Archive Management Course An archivist is a person responsible for managing archives. Archives are documents created or received and accumulated by a person or organisation in the course of the conduct of affairs and preserved because of their continuing value. Archival documents do not come only as text on paper, but include every known form and format in which information can be fixed in the form of records. Avalanches of information are increasingly produced which makes proper archiving a priority in many organizations. Historically, the term has often referred more narrowly to non-current records deposited or selected for deposit in an archival institution.

The word 'archives' is also commonly used to refer to:

  • The organization, agency or program responsible for the selection, care and use of records of
  • continuing value.
  • The building or place dedicated to their storage, preservation and use.

Archive Management

The management of archives is based on theoretical principles, which continue to evolve and which are used to guide the practical work of archivists. In recent years archival theory has focused on how best to achieve proper archival management of electronic records, to ensure they can be preserved and made accessible for the future.

Archive Management course content:

  • What records and archives are, and how they have evolved in modern society
  • How to collect archives and how to assess the long-term value of records
  • How to look after archives
  • How to understand legal issues and responsibilities including copyright, confidentiality, privacy and access
  • How to arrange and describe archives for management control and to make them available
  • How to provide services for those wishing to make use of the archives

Course curriculum

  • Recordkeeping theory and principles
  • Recordkeeping systems and processes
  • International recordkeeping
  • Business records and the business environment
  • Management skills
  • Digital records: their nature, use and preservation
  • in the information society
  • Exploitation, preservation and use of records in the repository



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