Leadership Course

Leadership Course The Jiao Tong University Leadership course focuses on how managers and group leaders can be effective leaders by addressing the human side of an enterprise, its group culture and group behavior as well as individual behavior.

Managers and group leaders will learn how to evaluate the performance of individual employees as well the effectiveness of these employees in the group they are assigned to.

Group leaders and managers will be taught on how to improve their management skills to optimize inherent strengths and reducing, if not, eliminating, critical weaknesses of employees.

The importance of establishing productive relationships with peers and seniors over whom the manager has no formal authority is highlighted at the Jiao Tong University Leadership course. Participants will learn how to develop viable plans for the future success of the organization. And how to realize, monitor and amend these plans in the light of changed circumstances while keeping focused on the original objectives..

Motivating people to not only achieve goals set but exceed the parameters is an important part of the course and students will learn how to develop and monitor an effective and smooth running organization to achieve superior performance. Among other modules, participants learn how to design a model for strategic career management as well.



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