Business Etiquette Course

Business Etiquette Course The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Business Etiquette course is focused on how to increase business manners and thereby increase customer and business relationships. The use of good business etiquettes will not make up for technical knowledge in the workplace. Bad manners and poor etiquette can cost both employees and the organizations for which they work. Our etiquette programs are designed to meet a variety of specific business needs. From email etiquette to international dining, the course is designed to improve the professionalism of all participants who attend.

Business Etiquette course outline

  • Real World Etiquette: Modern Manners for Today's Business World and Beyond
  • Communication Skills and office etiquettes for moving up at work
  • Work experience: how to act so people think you have it
  • Email Etiquette and Business Writing: Good Online Behavior
  • Building a professional image from top to tow
  • Social Etiquette for organizational representation
  • Service Savvy: Exceptional Etiquette for Trading Employees

The Professors and Lecturers at all Jiao Tong University China courses are highly qualified and/or experts in their respective subjects. Most have extensive business and lecturing experience in China.



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