Teacher: Aaron Rakoczy

Oral English course outline

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Start Date: 13 Feb 2017(10 weeks)

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Every Tuesday & Thurday)






Oral English CourseWith the arrival of so many expatriates and the development of China, English has become THE language to know in Shanghai.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their English with an emphasis on their oral skills in daily life. The students will develop their speaking ability and increase their vocabulary. In-class activities will include small group work, role-play, and the use of videos and newspaper articles and are designed to help the students to express themselves orally in English.

NB:This outline is subject to changes and additions depending on the students’ level and needs.

The “New Interchange -English for international communication” book 3 will be used.

Week 1:
Introduction/Getting to know each other/Jobs Topic: Meeting somebody and making friends. Focuses: Talking about nationalities, countries and jobs Describing personalities and jobs, expressing agreement and disagreement, giving opinions about jobs.

Week 2:
Cultural Differences Topics: Cultural comparisons and culture shock Talks, exercises about the cultural differences that may exist between China and the students’ home countries and also between the students themselves. Expressing emotions, describing expectations, talking about customs, giving advice.
Week 3:
What’s wrong with it? Topics: Everyday problems Describing problems, making complaints, explaining something that needs to be done. Identifying and describing problems, offering solutions

Week 4:
The past and the future Topics: Historic events and people, biography, the future, regrets Talking about historical events, giving opinions about the future, describing regrets about the past.

Week 5:
Points of view, opinions Topics: Common mysteries, social and controversial issues Offering explanations, drawing conclusions, asking for and giving reasons, agreeing and disagreeing.

Week 6:
Challenges and accomplishments Focuses: Describing challenges, frustrations and rewards. Group presentation about the students’ challenges and goals.

Week 7:
Current affairs In this unit a wide range of topics will be addressed through newspaper articles, videos… Debates, role plays, discussions, group presentations will follow. Topics: Environment, smoking ban, the royal family

Week 8:
Final project: revision test of all the units. Preparation for the final project. You are required to teach a short lesson to your classmates. You can teach anything you want as long as it is Oral English related: it can be a grammar aspect or a cultural aspect. Of course you are required to do it in English.




There will be no lectures on scheduled Public Holidays 2017. Sometimes the preceding or post holiday weekend may be designated a working weekend by Goverment decree.


Chinese New Year 2017                                              26 Jan -    11 Feb

QingMing festival                                                       1 Mar  -      4 Apr

Labour day Holiday                                                  29 Apr   -      2 May

Dragon Boat festival                                                 27 May     -    30 May

National Day Holiday                                                30 Sep     -     7 Oct

Christmas Holidays                                                17 Dec     -   30 Dec

New Year Holiday                                                      Jan 2018

Chinese New Year 2017                                      27 Jan 2018 - 11 Feb 2018


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