TESOL 120 Hour In-class Certification

TESOL course will cover all the critical areas of training for teaching English to speakers of other language, with special attention given to issues relating to teaching in China. The basic course outline is stated below and will be completed over the 8 weeks period.




Timetable :


Commencing Date: Thursday 15 Oct 2018

09:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Monday and Thursday Mornings

Tuition Fee : 10,800 RMB




Course Details:

TESOL course in Shanghai Jiao Tong University is operated under the supervision of the American TESOL Institute. The course offers 120 teaching hours in total, including both theory module and practice module.. The teaching practice consisted in the practice module allow TESOL learners to gain some teaching experience. Also, feedback from fellow learners and course evaluations are beneficial for the improvement of teaching skills. Most importantly, the TESOL instructors will share their considerable and first-hand teaching experience with learners so that student teachers can have effective teaching techniques to cope with truly interactive classes. All the measures taken by instructors aim at better preparing prospective teachers for their future career.

Learners will get two certificates after finishing the course and passing the exam. One is TESOL 120 Hour In-class Certification, which is globally recognized. The other is a study proof issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Introduction on TESOL & English language education in China.
  • TESOL teaching methods and approaches.
  • Learning to teach vocabulary and listening.
  • Learning to teach speaking and pronunciation.
  • Learning to teach grammar.
  • Lesson planning – How to create the best ESL lesson plans
  • Two-hour teaching practice to Chinese students, focusing on vocabulary and grammar.
  • Multiple intelligences and teaching. What makes student tick?
  • Q & A on online courses. Learning to teach reading and writing.
  • How to motivate students? Change position with your students.
  • Learning to correct mistakes and to maintain classroom discipline.
  • Optimizing students' learning strategies. Planning your own lesson and giving a demo
  • Two-hour teaching practice to Chinese students, focusing on listening and speaking.
  • Preparation for final TESOL test, Q & A on online courses.
  • Final Exam: Written Test & Demo.



    There are be no lectures on Public Holidays 2017 & 2018. Sometimes the preceding or post holiday weekend may be designated a working weekend by Goverment decree.


    National Day Holiday                               1 Oct. 2017   -     8 Oct. 2017

    Christmas Holidays                                 17 Dec. 2017   -   31 Dec. 2017

    New Year Holiday                                    1 Jan 2018

    Chinese New Year holiday                       15 Feb. 2018  -   21 Feb. 2018

    QingMing festival                                       5 Apr. 2018  -     7 Apr. 2018

    Labour day Holiday                                   1 May 2018  -     3 May 2018

    Dragon Boat festival                                  16 Jun. 2018  -  18 Jun. 2018

    National Day Holiday                                 1 Oct. 2018  -     7 Oct. 2018



    * Subject to confirmation and change


    Please check our Lecture Calendar for Course Schedule.



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