Traditional-chinese-medicine advanced

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

Timetable and Tution fee

- Commencing date: Tuesday 9 Jan.2018

- Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

- Duration: 9 Weeks

- Tuition fee: 7,600 RMB

- Registration fee: 300 RMB

- Certificate: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Certificate

- Course name on the certificate : Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice

Course Outline

  • Basic Channel and Acupoint Theory.
  • Basic cuping, scraping and moxibustion.
  • Herbs and Common Food Similarities and Sources.
  • TCM herbs and disease prevention.
  • Condition Diagnosis and Analysis.
  • Tuina Manipulation (2)
  • Rolling Manipulation and one finger meditation.
  • Compound Manipulations.
  • Traditional Chinese Exercise for Tuina Purpose (2)
  • Visit to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum.


Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluates the condition of each patient independently, factoring in medical history, yet emphasizing the condition of the patient as they present at the time of treatment. In this way, the assessment of a TCM practitioner, and the interaction between practitioner and patient, can greatly affect the diagnosis and treatment plan.

While this process validates the patient, it can confound observers, as well as complicate the duplication of TCM protocols in double-blind placebo-controlled research studies (the current Western standard for research). Yet Western countries spend billions investigating TCM methods, and China exported $910 million worth of TCM products in the first half of 2010 alone, according to a recent article in the China Daily newspaper.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can shed new light on modern problems such as “repetitive strain injury,” as the pain may correlate with acupuncture meridians,organ energetic systems, and emotional / psycho-spiritual factors. While learning to identify the constitution of an individual and the nature of their illness, Who are eligible to enrol for the TCM advanced course: Students who have successfully completed Traditional Chinese Medicine 1, as well as students with equal related training, are both eligible for this course. Please note that self-study does not constitute relevant training, which is determined on an individual basis by the ICE department and the instructor.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course



* Subject to confirmation and change

Tuition fees may be submitted by cash, bank card or credit card. With the original receipt, a refund in full can be made if the prospective student notifies us in writing of his/her withdrawal from the course one week before the commencement date. If using a foreign bank card, a non-refundable charge of approximately 3.1% of the tuition fee (about RMB140) will be deducted by the bank to cover transaction costs.



There are be no lectures on Public Holidays 2017 & 2018. Sometimes the preceding or post holiday weekend may be designated a working weekend by Goverment decree.


National Day Holiday                                      1 Oct. 2017   -     8 Oct. 2017

Christmas Holidays                                        17 Dec. 2017   -   31 Dec. 2017

New Year Holiday                                           1 Jan 2018

Chinese New Year holiday                             15 Feb. 2018  -    21 Feb. 2018

QingMing festival                                            5 Apr. 2018  -     7 Apr. 2018

Labour day Holiday                                        1 May 2018  -     3 May 2018

Dragon Boat festival                                       16 Jun. 2018  -   18 Jun. 2018

National Day Holiday                                       1 Oct. 2018  -     7 Oct. 2018





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