Traditional Chinese Medicine Elementary

Course Introduction:

The SJTU SCE Traditional Chinese Medicine Elementary (TCM 1) is suitable for those who are the beginners and are interested in learning and practice it. TCM 1 will introduce the fundamental theories of TCM, the relationship of Yin and Yang, the theory of five elements of TCM, visceral manifetation, TCM diagnostic methods, basic manipulations of Tuina etc.

Commencement dates 2018

- 9 mornings Traditional Chinese Medicine Elementary :
Thursday 16 October 2018. ( 9:30am – 12:30pm)

Course Objectives:

In TCM 1, students will learn the fundamental theories of TCM, which are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture. Students will experience the art of TCM diagnostic methods and appreciate this unique way of understanding the condition of their own body. Students will not only learn a few basic manipulations of Tuina, but also have the chance to learn some traditional Chinese exercises required for a TCM Tuina doctor to build up his or her own body health and successfully treat his or her patients.

Course Outline:

  • Week
  • Topic
  • 1
  •     An Introduction to TCM; The Theory of Yin and Yang
  • 2
  •     Theory of Five Elements; Theory of the Vital Substances
  • 3
  •     Visceral Manifestation of TCM
  • 4
  •     Tongue Diagnosis
  • 5
  •     Pulse-taking
  • 6
  •     Basic Methods of Syndrome Differentiation
  • 7
  •     An Introduction and Appreciation of Tuina
  • 8

  •     Basic Tuina Manipulations (1)
        Traditional Chinese Exercise for Tuina Purpose (1)
  • 9
  •     Tuina Therapy on Frozen Shoulder

Course Assessment:

A final course assessment will be taken before certification.

Class Schedule & Location:

Commencement dates 2018: 9 mornings Traditional Chinese Medicine Elementary : Thursday 16 October 2018. ( 9:30am – 12:30pm)
Morning 9:30am – 12:30pm
Duration: 9 mornings
Shanghai Jiao Tong University SCE Fahua Campus


CNY 7,600.00

Application Fee (Non-refundable):

CNY 300 (approx. USD 50)

NOTE: Whether the applicant has been admitted or not, his or her application fee and documents shall not be returned.

Application Documents:

1 - 1 photocopy of passport
2 - SJTU SCE course application form


The minimum size of TCM 1 is 12 students. If the number cannot be reached, class will be deferred and enrolled students will be informed accordingly.

Contact Information:

Expat Training & Certification Center,
School of Continuing Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Address: Main Bldg, No. 535 Fahua Zhen Rd, Changning District,
             Shanghai, China (Zip code 200052)
Tel: +86-21-60641043



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