Business Chinese (I & II)

Timetable and Tution fee

- Morning Session:

- Commencing date: Monday 12 March 2018

- Time: 09:00 - 12:00

- Duration: 10 Weeks, every Monday / Wednesday / Friday

- Tuition fee: 6,800 RMB

- Registration fee: 120 RMB

- Certificate: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Certificate: Business Chinese

Teacher: Bell Lu or Candi Yang

For whom the course is intended

The course is designed for those people who are interested in Chinese Language with little or a little bit basis of Chinese. They wish to acquire necessary Chinese knowledge and skills that may be needed in the communication with Chinese people without too much difficulty, and thus to enhance their success in business.

What you will learn from the course

  Over 200 commonly used sentence patterns at each level.

  About 1200 words and 500 Chinese characters at each level .

  Chinese grammar.

  Useful knowledge and skills that is applicable to one’s commercial activities.

  Communicative ability appropriate to Chinese environment.

  Competence for cross-cultural communication in the context of economic and cooperative interchange.

  A wide range of knowledge of business custom and rules in addition to the background information of Chinese culture.


Course outline

Three courses are designed for different levels and various needs:

1.     Business Chinese I is for beginners learning necessary Chinese expressions for daily commercial communication and skills for polite social intercourse, such as greeting, introduction, apology and congratulation.Business traveling,telephoning and appointment making.

2.     Business Chinese II is devised for the training of intermediate learners in language sills for business information exchange, such as giving a brief account of a company or product, consulting, negotiating, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, discussing a way to cooperate, making a comment on a subject in addition to analyzing and sorting out problems.


Business Chinese I: evening course 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Start Date: September 2016 (10 Weeks) every Tuesday / Thursday

Business Chinese II: evening course  6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Start Date: September 2016 (10 Weeks) every Tuesday / Thursday

Tuition Fee:
Business Chinese I : 8500 RMB
Registration fee: 120 RMB
Business Chinese II : 8500 RMB
Registration fee: 120 RMB




There are be no lectures on Public Holidays 2017 & 2018. Sometimes the preceding or post holiday weekend may be designated a working weekend by Goverment decree.


National Day Holiday                                      1 Oct. 2017   -     8 Oct. 2017

Christmas Holidays                                        17 Dec. 2017   -   31 Dec. 2017

New Year Holiday                                           1 Jan 2018

Chinese New Year holiday                             15 Feb. 2018  -    21 Feb. 2018

QingMing festival                                            5 Apr. 2018  -     7 Apr. 2018

Labour day Holiday                                        1 May 2018  -     3 May 2018

Dragon Boat festival                                       16 Jun. 2018  -   18 Jun. 2018

National Day Holiday                                       1 Oct. 2018  -     7 Oct. 2018



* Subject to confirmation and change

Tuition fees may be submitted by cash, bank card or credit card. With the original receipt, a refund in full can be made if the prospective student notifies us in writing of his/her withdrawal from the course one week before the commencement date. If using a foreign bank card, a non-refundable charge of approximately 2.8% of the tuition fee (about RMB160) will be deducted by the bank to cover transaction costs.

Please check our Lecture Calendar for Course Schedule.



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