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Shanghai Jiao Tong University History

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Established in 1896) is one of China's oldest and most respected universities. With it's history of more than 120 years, Jiao Tong University is the University of first choice for the tens of millions of students who wish to enter schools of higher learning. ʻJiao Da” as we are affectionately known, consistently features in the top 4 out of the more than 2,200U Universities and colleges throughout China.

Generations of Presidents, Party Leaders, Famous Scientists and Medics Studied at "Jiao Da"

“Jiao Da” is one of the most influential academic institutions in China and many of China's leading politicians, intellectuals, scientists and engineers have been educated at Jiao Tong University.

SJTU School of Continuing Education

At the request of many organizations and individuals from around the globe, Jiao Tong University SCE has developed several certificate courses to fulfill the increasing demand of continuing education. We currently offer a big variety of business, language, trade and General Interest courses to Expatriates (expats) and Chinese nationals living in and around Shanghai. Many courses are lectured in the English language.

Tailor Made Courses

Tailor made special courses and optional in-company courses can be offered at virtually any entry level:
catering for staff members with only a basic education to those who have attained a Masters degree, yet, need the specialist knowledge that a Jiao Tong University SCE specially constructed corporate course, to hone their knowledge.

Lecture Theatres for 30 to 200 Students

Most courses can be offered “On Campus” during the day, evening weekends or on your companies' premisesor, for special seminars, at a venue of your choice, such as the relaxed surroundings of a holiday resort or star rated hotel. The Jiao Tong University SCE SCE campus ha a large number of classrooms and lecture theatres seating from 30 to 200 students and are equipped with “state of the art” audio and visual aids.

Convenient Central Shanghai Location

The Jiao Tong University SCE Fa Hua Campus, at 535 Fa hua zhen Rd, is conveniently situated in central Shanghai, close to public transportation and several subway stations, the most commonly used is Metro station Jiao Tong University SCE Lie 10 & 11, exit #5. The walk to the Jiao Tong University SCE SCE Campus is a mere 15 minutes walk which, when carried out briskly, improves the blood circulation and obviates clogged arteries while toning the muscles and improve stamina.

Distance Learning (Internet)

For those who are eager to study at Jiao Tong University SCE but do not live in China nor, indeed, China or even Asia. Or those who work irregular hours, there is the option of taking the very same course via the Internet by distance learning. Course materials and delivery is similar to that of what is delivered in the lecture theatre and the possibility exists of direct “face to face” contact with the Professor/Lecturer at a mutually convenient time.


Many of our students have expressed their satisfaction with the courses they followed. Here is a sampling of some of them. We are confident that you will be happy too.

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Refund Policy Refund Policy Full amount refund before commencement date


Alumni like to keep in touch with their Alma Mater and we will be happy to keep you informed on the latest news, developments, happenings and, maybe celebrations.